A full service Collection Agency and Debt Acquirer

For more than 15 years, Central Billing has assisted companies with their account receivables.  We pride ourselves on being the most effective and efficient end to end debt buyer and recovery agency in the USA.  With state of the art skip tracing and asset location systems, up to date credit reporting, convincing and customer friendly agents, and an expert legal team, we recoup your unpaid receivables while helping consumers get out of the endless cycle of debt.  Our mission is to educate consumers while paying off their account to avoid ending up in collections in the future.


We employ top customer service and sales agents rather than hiring aggressive collectors.  Our belief is that consumers respond better to kindness and understanding.  We also employ expert skip tracers, lawyers, and customer service managers to offer an end to end collection service.   With such a diverse team of experts, we ensure past due accounts are not only recouped but put back on track.

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